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World Environment Day-Handmade painting original

On World environment day I unveil my two distinctive paintings
convened popularly as PALLETE KNIFE PAINTING. It is done using a palette knife which is a blunt tool with a wooden or plastic handle for mixing and applying paint. It has no cutting edges so can be easily used by children. The knife can be cleaned using a cloth or a tissue paper. The strokes created are bold unlike the delicate ones created by a brush. Due to the coarse application of paint, the blending of colours does not occur. I have used oil colours to paint a landscape albeit acrylic colours can also be used. Vincent Van Gogh, the famous artist used this technique to create his outstanding work depicting landscape, still life, portraits, animals etc which are acknowledged all over the world.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY-Paintings Created by Artist Dr. Garima Jain

This COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson to be in harmony with nature.

It is a poignant reminder that human life is fragile. All living beings on this planet play an important role in maintaining the eco-balance.
Nature conveys us a wonderful lesson about peaceful coexistence and reverence for all life. Practising 4R’s – refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle is important for our healthy environment. Our Mother earth is renovating and recovering. Let us pledge to create an unblemished and a healthy environment for us and generations to come.

See Artist Dr. Garima Jain artwork on Fotocons

Buy artwork for a social cause
Buy artwork for a social cause


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