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Woman’s life style theme-Kappari Kishan Paintings

woman's life style theme

Kishan paintings are just the display of backdrop of living in Telangana, the moods of the countryside, their hairdo, hairstyles… The life of the Buddha, which promotes natural beauty, peace and harmony. Kishan is also a film narrator who presents a new medium and techniques for drawing.Kappari Kishan paintings based mainly on the theme of the woman’s life style in Telangna.

Kappari Kishan busy in work
Kappari Kishan busy in creating new artwork

The pictures of Kappari Kishanvu from Jalavare reflect the life of Telangana. Telangana Woman plays the lead role in Kishan Chitrakatha. Born in Hyderabad, Kishan has developed a passion for art since he was a child. Telangana tradition has been inspired by the sight of traditional festivals such as the Batukamma festival and the Bonana in Telangana region. Kishan is inspired by famous painter Thota Vaikuntam

Woman Life style in Telangna
Woman Life style in Telangna-Main theme of his work

Kishan is not only drawing the beauty of Telangana, but behind them the woman’s life themes, the atmosphere of the natural environment and nature. Senior Art Teacher at State Jawahar Bal Bhavan employing many children in drawing and painting and encouraging them to win international awards.

He is doing new paintings on wood and is no stranger to painting on wood. They specialize in drawing (3D) images from all angles of the wood. The specialty of these wooden images is that they see the same image in three dimension.

3 dimensional work
3 D dimensional work on wood

He has exhibited with his paintings in many cities in the country as well as abroad in Dubai, Singapore and the US. He has exhibited his paintings at the FCCI International Art Pro-Delhi. Received National Fellowship Award 1995, Telugu University Gold Medal, Hyderabad Art Society, Image Art Academy Awards

-Kalasagar Yallapu

Kappari Kishan artwork painting Title friends

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Kappari Kishans Artwork

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