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The Famous Lord Ganesha Paintings


Ganesha is also known as Ganpati, Ganesh, Bappa, and many more like this. These names are given to Lord Ganesha by people who worship him. He is worshiped before every special work such as the opening of a new shop, Starting something new, Wedding, etc. In cities like Mumbai, people celebrate a festival of 10 days and worship Lord Ganesh. You must have read many different myths about his birth and marriage. No one knows the real story, but everyone has created a story for themselves and strongly believes too. There are many stories of Lord Ganesha growing up.

Multi Color Lord Ganesha Painting

Multi Color Lord Ganesha Painting



So this was a small intro of Lord Ganesha. We know that you all are aware of his past stories and must have heard a lot. In August-September, a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated where you will see different Ganesh Art in the market. Everyone brings their own Ganpati at home and worship him for around 10-11 days and on the very last day of this festival people go to any nearest river with full enjoyment like dance, music, playing with colors and many different ways of entertainment And leave Ganpati in water which is called Visarjan and this happens every year and every year people celebrate it with full excitement like the first time.


In this Ganesh festival season, you will see many Ganesha paintings in the market with different sizes, colors, and designs. Also, you will find many new Ganesha art gallery around the street. But due to this worst case of Covid people don’t prefer going out in the rush to purchase. Online shopping is best and preferred by everyone. There is an online website which is Fotocons.com where you can buy or sell paintings and many home office decor materials. You can also buy gifts, personalized gifts, and paintings. You can buy a Ganesha painting of your choice as there are many options like you can buy or sell Ganesh sketch.


If you are an artist then you can get different Ganesha painting ideas and you can create your own paintings and sell them on our platform. We have both options you can sell your art on our platform which is also a very good option to make your art famous. We can’t say that we have all paintings made by some famous artists. You will find many arts made by some non famous artists too. Because we believe that art should get equal rights an artist should not be judged by his/her social media platform if you don’t have more followers that don’t mean you are not a good artist. Trust our platform and by Ganesh wall paintings in this festival season. You check our home page and choose which kind of art you are fond of and you can buy and of them according to your choice and priorities.


Bring Your Fav Lord Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi with your own choice. Not only for the specific festival only you can buy your fav paintings, sketches, drawing and many more for your house wall. If you love decorating your house wall, any office wall or any other corporate building wall you can choose anything art and craft of your choice on our platform. We have many designs we will definitely appreciate. You will provide us with any review or any item of your choice to be introduced by us. We will definitely appreciate your advice.


Happy shopping with Fotocons.com.



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