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Sunset at Radhanagar Beach Havelok by Mukesh Chand Garg

Sunset beach Radhanagar

Sunset at Radhanagar Beach Havelok

This is an HDR shot taken at Radhanagar beach. You must know, Radhanagar beach, is one of the most beautiful beach of the world. It is in Havelok Island. I made a program to hang out with my family 3 years ago, this shot was taken very casually. You can’t imagine a landscape shot without deliberate planning and execution. If you like landscape photography, know it impossible to do without a tripod. But since I was on a family trip and I had no time to set up a tripod. Luckily I was with my Canon 5D along with Canon 24-105 my kit lens, I was watching the Sunset taking place while was busy taking some family snapshots. It is said that one of the best sunsets in the world is seen on this Havelok beach and it is right to some extent. Since I had to get full details in shadows and highlights, there is no other good technique then HDR tech. for this. The photo cannot be called professional, but since the Sunset was so beautiful, it has become a little respectable shot in itself.

Image Title-Sunset at Radhanagar Beach Havelok

Make Canon
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Focal Length 24 mm
Original Size 1600 X 1073
Date Taken Feb 8, 2017


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