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Sunflower Image-Close Up Photography

Flower Photography-Close Up Image of Sunflower

Close up photography has always been my favourite form of photography. The one reason for this, I get a lot of subjects at home or in the nursery near my house. Secondly, for this, I need not have some special and expensive gear. In close up photography, the more we see the subject closure more detail is known about the colour texture of the subject.

Sometimes close up photography shows a completely new world. Now take this flower image here, I shot from my Canon gear. For this, I have used a 100 mm Canon macro lens. This is a very versatile lens. Through this lens, you can make a good portrait and close up. The version I have is without the IS. It is compromised a bit in the exposure setting, for example, you have to keep the speed above 1/100, for that you have to keep ISO too high. By the way, let me tell you one thing in the flower photography, you have to keep the speed above 1/110 or else you can not freeze the movement of the flower with the wind movement of nature.

Buy Digital Art Prints of flower images on Fotocons

Buy Digital Art Prints of flower images on Fotocons


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