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Radha-Krishna — Epitome of Divine Love

Radha-Krishna — Epitome of Divine Love

Whenever there is talk of eternal love, one name that appears first is Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna is the immortal symbol of phenomenal love. The absolute essence of love is veiled in their divine and ethereal saga.

A magnificent love story to remember for eternity

Hindus have deep faith and respect for the legend — Radha Krishna. It is believed that Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha was the power form of Mother Lakshmi. Both were born about 5000 years ago in the villages of Uttar Pradesh. From childhood, love started growing between the two. Krishna was fascinated by the unmatched beauty of Radha, whereas Krishna’s adorable flute used to pull Radha towards him. Radha Krishna’s love was not a simple love but a unification of a soul with its higher self.

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People worship this symbol of true divine love and respect their love, faith, sacrifice, and dedication for each other. Radha Krishna is incomplete without each other and gives a message to all those who love to be devoted to each other.

Seeing these idols of love, we get drawn towards their incredible beauty. The depth of their love makes us understand the real significance of love. Love is certainly far above aspirations, expectations, conditions, promises and lust. We get to see this certainty in the immortal tale of Radha Krishna.

Radha Krishna’s love gives importance to spiritual attachment rather than physical that is why it is sacred and revered. Wherever these two are, they paint the atmosphere in the colour of love.

Significance of Radhe Krishna’s Paintings at Home

A house that is no less than a temple, we want to create an atmosphere of happiness, peace and love. We always want to establish love and trust there. For that, instead of any loud, non-meaningful art piece, we should prefer something that makes you feel love and peace every moment. As soon as we see that our worries end and a smile comes on the face. And for this, there can be no better option than the picture of Radha Krishna.

It is said that where there is Radha Krishna, there is never a deficit of love. And in today’s world, what do we need apart from love?

Buy Online Indian original Paintings-Radha Krishna
Buy Online Indian original Paintings-Radha Krishna

Divine Relevance of RadhaKrishna Painting

The painting of Radha Krishna will enhance the beauty and fill the house with good fortune and deep love. Just as Ganesha brings prosperity to the home, Buddha brings peace to the home; Radha Krishna brings eternal love to the house.

Where the Paintings should be placed?

The paintings of Radha Krishna can be placed in the living room and bedroom. According to Vastu, it should be hanged in the North-East direction. You can also put them in the temple. In Vastu, where it is forbidden to put pictures of deities in the bedroom, the paintings of Radha Krishna create a cordial relationship with their life partner. Along with promoting love between them, it creates good memories too.

Transcendent Love Story of Radha-Krishna

This sublime love of Radha Krishna can give a new direction to relationships. By seeing them every day, love gets strong and the relationship improves. A soulful connection is formed with your life partner that infuses life with the purity of love.

To make the relationships adorable and unforgettable, bring home Radha Krishna painting and make this divine love story a part of your life.

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