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Lord Buddha- Tranquality , contentment and bliss

Lord Buddha-artwork by Dr. Garima Jain

Today is Buddha Purnima ,the birth date of divine soul -Lord Buddha who gave the message of peace to the whole world . Not only that, on the day of Buddha Purnima, He attained enlightenment and on this same day he also got Nirvana

Lord Buddha has always been my most cherished theme to draw and paint. His serene demeanor has always captivated me. My paintings, contemporary or abstract has the Buddha’s face as a point of focus. For these artworks, I have taken reference picture and added colour tones in my way.With painstaking endeavor, I have tried my level best to portray the Lord Buddha using acrylic colours on canvas . It brings tranquility , contentment and bliss in my soul which is impossible to seek in the bustling world.

If you want to buy the artwork of Garima Jain is available at Fotocons. Only the digital prints of Arist’s artwork are for sale. Whatever the earning from the sale ,this will be donated for a social cause. So you too can be part of that social cause by buying artist’s paintings

For detail click here

Join Hands For A social cause


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  2. Dr Monika Dubey

    Very beautiful paintings , the myriad of colours have been subtly but effectively used to project tranquility and calmness synonymous with Buddha.In these troubled times,a soothing influence indeed_Dr Monika Dubey

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