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Little Artist Champ Kenisha Wason

Little Artist Champ Kenisha Wason

Name Kenisha Wason. Age 10 years. Standard Vth. She has been sketching and painting from the age of 5 years. She has a special interest in God’s and faces. She has a passion for dance and paintings

It is said that talent is not a matter of age. Something similar is with Kenisha Wason. Just 10 years old and like a talented painter, when the fingers of this kid run on the canvas while holding the painting brush, all the art of her talent becomes convincing. Some of this recently created artwork is being shared to all of you. Please write two words for the appreciation for the great talent in the comment box below. Kenisha’s mother Dr. Archana Wason is a reputed medical practitioner and her father is a well-reputed architect Engineer, parents have also played an important role in bringing forth her talent.

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  1. Vandana

    Kenisha, this one’s is my favourite which has been displayed on Facebook.May God help you to achieve further success in life.Archana loads of happiness to you to encourage your kids endeavour

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