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How to sell Indian handicrafts online ?

How to sell Indian handicrafts Online

In the coming times, the online business of Indian handicrafts is going to grow explosively. The way the Indian business of e-Commerce is growing in India is a very pleasant situation.In 2017, where Indian e-Commerce business was $ 39 billion dollars, it is expected to increase to 135 billion dollars in 2020.So next question arise in each new aspirants who wants to deal with online e-commerce business -How to sell Indian handicrafts online?

Although in the Corona era, where all the business has been hit, there is sure a halt in this business too, but in the future, the sector is once again expected to catch the pace. So why not try hands in this business. Demand for Indian handicraft products is very high not only in India but also outside the country. This is an industry which is labor intensive. The use of machines is minimal, so you will find hubs for its manufacture in big small cities and almost every villages of the country.
Handicrafts online though facing a downfall especially when the Chinese market has also come in this field with its cheap products

But we also have to catch the consumers and handicrafts lover who still love handmade products. Therefore, a strategy to reach right customer is very essential.. Your physical store reach is limited. If you want your products to get global exposure, then you have to resort to the e-Commerce website.

The strategy of how to sell Indian handicrafts online in this competitive market

we are giving you some information in simple steps.Hope these tips will help you engaging in this business with right plan and action.

Determine products and its’ source

If you are a handcraft manufacturer, then there is nothing to worry about it,but if you want to buy handcraft products from someone else and then want sell them online, ie if you want to work like a seller, then choosing the right products is your first priority.

Choose right product category

You have to make sure that in which category of handicrafts you want to deal, you should do market research in it. Do a study that which products are more in demand. Visit Indian Stores. Initially, you can sign them up by contracting with the online e-commerce site set up which are already in the market to get some experience
Like Fotocons some online stores are doing a better job in this direction, they are giving a platform to new sellers and manufacturers where you can list your handicraft products for free. One of the most advantageous of these stores is that there is no charge of listing here, so no charge is taken from the seller.

If you want to sell the product on your own online site right from the beginning, then you can go to any handicraft store and market, like Delhi’s Hat bajaar . Visit these stores to determine which category of products you want to deal with ,make a contact with the merchant and manufacturing store,determine the price and delivery of the product

Do a market research
You should also create an organized catalog of handcraft products before listing them online. After categorizing all the products into systematic categories and subcategory, give the title of each product, determine its price. It is necessary to take stock of its price on the competitive site also. you should also read our blog to know about the type of Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts In India-Tye and style

This blog will help you understanding the handicraft in a better way.

Make a proper catalogue of all the products

Get a proper image clicked is essential since your Buyer is buying a product from a virtual store and he will only make a decision based on the image you serve before him, so the image should be clean and defining the product honestly. if it is a home decor products, so taking images with backdrop is more advantageous.

Product description must be clear and relevant. The dimensions of the product , weight ,make, material and its use should be described. Do not exaggerate about your product, do not lie

e-Commerce website-how to sell Indian handicrafts online
e-Commerce website-how to sell Indian handicrafts online

Creating your own -commerce website
You may find a this time consuming task. Study the already created e-commerce site which are doing e-commerce business in Indian Handicrafts like Fotocons. Use some pre-built templates.

Choose a right and secured payment method

Choose payment method, contact with secured payment gateway companies, if you want to provide COD, then give this option.

Delivery and packaging

Handicraft products are extra delicate products, so extra care is taken on shipping the product. Their safe packing is very important. Special care should be taken to ensure that the delivery of the product is in the right place at the right time, as well as to ensure that your consignee get the product in undamaged and genuine condition.

Do some digital marketing to increase sale

You will also have to adopt marketing strategy of your store so that more and more customers can access your store online.

Proper SEO Optimization is needed to increase sale on site
Proper SEO Optimization is needed to increase sale on site

Search engine optimization-SEO

In the name and description of your digital products, use keywords that have higher number of search and less competition. This is a time consuming process, but it gives benefit in the long term.
E-mail marketing is another way where you take your handicraft store directly to your customer’s inbox, along with informing your customer about the attractive offer and discount.

To increase targeted audience on your site,, initially you can use paid ad according to your budget to increase expected audience through paid ad on google ,Facebook or Instagram.

Selling products through third party site

You can display your products on third party online e-commerce site, this will increase both your sales and traffic, but your brand visibility will reduce. Fotocons is a site which allows other e-commerce sites to list products but in this, the sale of your product may increase, but it will not help you establishing your brand. But initially to buy the time you can do it to get some financial security before your own e-Commerce business get a start.

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing-how to sell Indian handicrafts online
Affiliate Marketng-a good way to increase sale on your site

The second best way of increasing sale is through affiliate marketing .You can invite influencers like bloggers, YouTubers who will publish the referral link of the product of your site and will help in increasing the traffic and sales on your site.

If you want to understand the affiliate market better, then you must read this blog

What is affiliate marketing and How to earn money with affiliate marketing
There is an online market place of handicraft products Fotocons, this is also attracting thousands of affiliates through affiliate marketing, you can get registration there and can understand its functioning better.

If you want to sell your products in the international market too, then you have to do some changes on your website. The currency should change according to the country. The payment method must have international payment or use Paypal. When dealing with a logistic company, keep in mind whether it does international delivery or not.

What is the good information, please let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.