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How to sell art online-Some important tips

How to sell your art online

You are a new or aspiring artist and your creativity has created something unique and interesting and now you are ready to display and sell this creation and by doing so you might make some money too But you don’t know about How to sell artwork online ?
You clearly turn to the Internet because you do not have an agent, gallery,
or name, which is in demand by collectors. The art of selling art is at first a difficult task for artists. Even very good pieces of art sometimes do not make it to the level where it is not easy for you to sell your art online before you jump into it, there are some things you should consider.

How to sell your art-Sell yourself first?

Sell ​​yourself first
Take out the most salient features of your creativity, your experience, your passion, and your reasons for painting.
Make it clear to readers who you are an artist, in what form, who loves art and produces high quality art, and is a true champion of art

If you’re not great with words, find a friend who can help you with this really important aspect of selling online, and that can establish your credibility and credibility.

Join online artist communities: – Depending on what scale you sell your art pieces,you may want to get an account at an online art community or store, such as Fotocons which gives true value of your art and take commission from buyer. You can also find many online art galleries like Art Brokerage, Diva Art Group or Saatchi Art which will show your artwork online and send them to the buyer in a completely secure transaction.

Some other site like eBay (auction site), an Amazon store (an online store platform), Fotoprints (for printing your artwork on mug-like stuff), Craigslist (general classifieds), and more.
Read the terms and conditions of each site very carefully. Find out what commissions or percentages are found on the site, find out what the protection (or lack thereof) provided by the site is that customers usually use the site, know the typical sales brought by the site Are, whatever you can sell.
If your goal is to turn your art into an investment property, there is likely to be a very long route to online sales to this end.

This is generally more common for unknown artists than through securing high-priced sales with serious collectors, where such concrete decisions can be made safely. Art is the best way to sell art online, not your only means,
in line with your usual methods of selling art.

Bookmark online artist selling sites that really inspire you, so that you can see them back regularly to see how they are developing and succeeding in their lives.
You can seize the power of Twitter and Facebook (make your page powerful) to increase people’s knowledge in artwork. Keep updating tweets about your new paintings, your ideas about art, and news about art in general, on Facebook, photos of your artwork, (digital watermarks), award-winning photos, and photos of your art. Keep information about,artwork in general, and perhaps even some critics of the artwork. Create a blog about your artwork; – Looking at hundreds of free blogging websites, you have a great option of having a blog.

If you use keywords properly then a blog can pick up a lot of hints from search engines; Use it to your advantage. Make sure to make your blog something simple but memorable – you want people to find you easily. So for this, keep a name for your blog that can be remembered easily.

Create a mailing list
How to sell art online-Create a mailing list

Create a mailing list: – If it is well managed then it can be your most effective tool for all types of sales Send them all your good, grammatically correct, friendly emails, complete with a streamlined set-out portfolio of photos of your recent work (a PDF may work well for this purpose) it will last you Keeps customers on the radar, which is very important. And if it’s a really amazing newsletter, you might be lucky and they can send it to all their friends too – yet you need more eyes to see your work
Keep in mind that not everyone has a good internet connection. Great photos save time, along with ease of downloading artwork. Talk to a web expert if you are not sure what to do. Each thoughtful mailing list includes an opt-out option. Do not be threatened by this; See it as good housekeeping and to retain clients who really want to see (use) your items. You are not online to harass people who are not interested in it!

Take good pictures: – As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and you want to make a good impression on potential customers. This is the proper way that many people may be forced to buy a work of art that
they have never seen in person

Ensure the right to license your art: – Licensing art is a very good way to prove who it is for. It is an essential bookkeeping method in the art department and any dispute about originality,
ownership, or moral rights This will help you.

How to sell art online-Consider creating your own online portfolio
How to sell art online-Consider creating your own online portfolio

Consider the option of creating your website: – Having your own site means that you can optimize every page for search engines and this sets you apart from many artists who only use general art sales sites.
Placing your website means that viewers are not distracted by other artists and their work while browsing your art and can quickly gain a reputation in your name

If you are serious about selling your art online with your own site, then here is a must for a domain name that can be your own name or any name that you want people to associate with your art. Think seriously about making your website as virtual art gallery as possible. Encourage potential customers to wander through and show your painting in the same, gallery-like manner to enhance the enjoyment of seeing your customers. Add prices and contact details. People want to see the price, so don’t hide it. Expect the customer to come with one for you. And you should be available to answer your questions in a timely manner.

How to sell art online
Expect it to be a gradual process and don’t expect to sell much in the beginning

An online art business should be built little by little. This is similar to putting together a company (in fact, you should make a good form of your online art sale as a business) Or at least give people a clue as to who you are as an artist As you grow, and gain a reputation on time. It may feel like a long time at the beginning, but the solid foundation will set you up for a good future, as well as maintaining a positive outlook on what you are doing.
Attend as many relevant art shows as you can, showing your work. If the judges of the show are included in it, display your art winning prizes as part of your profile or website background.

So these are some tips which can help you enhancing sale of your artwork online.

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