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Havelock Beach Landscape Photography

havelock island beach landscape photography

Havelock Island is part of Ritchie’s Archipelago, in India’s Andaman Islands. It’s known for its dive sites and beaches, like Elephant Beach, with its coral reefs. Crescent-shaped Radhanagar Beach is a popular spot for watching the sunset. On the island’s east side, rocky sections mark long, tree-lined Vijaynagar Beach. The island’s forested interior is home to birdlife such as white-headed mynas and woodpeckers.

Got a chance to visit this beautiful island two years back. I went to this destination on a family trip. Havelock Island is the ultimate heavenly beauty of nature and the dream destination for photography

Havelock Island (new official name: Swaraj Dweep), the most popular island among tourists, is located about 70 km north of the capital city, Port Blair. Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) has white sandy beaches, blue waters, and some of the best diving in the continent. Havelock(Swaraj) has well-justified fame for being a wonderland for travellers. Laze around on its secluded beaches, or explore its dense and serene mangroves; swim among exotic corals while you indulge in scuba diving or go out there and explore the wilderness on long jungle treks – Havelock has it all!

Gear used-Canon

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