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URBANIZATION - Worli Folk Art of Maharashtra

World environment day is celebrated on 5th June every year.
The theme of this year is ECOSYSTEM   RESTORATION.

 NATURE - Knife painting
NATURE – Knife painting Artwork by Dr Garima Jain

Nature is spectacular, vibrant and bountiful. The COVID – 19
pandemic is an eye-opener. Its blossoming has tragically affected lives
and livelihood. Scientists have revealed a direct link between the
destruction of nature and the disease outburst. Thus emphasizing in
preserving nature to avert future pandemic.
 It is time to ponder over our mistakes. Ignorance is the biggest
threat. Preventing destruction and protecting nature should be our
sustained endeavour.
This day I present my paintings on nature

URBANIZATION - Worli Folk Art of Maharashtra
URBANIZATION – Worli Folk Art of Maharashtra


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