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Happy International Family Day

My painting is a worli folk art of Maharashtra done on a canvas using acrylic colours. I have chosen to do worli art due to escalation in covid-19 cases over there. A tiny virus has forced us to press the button on the reckless pace of life. This lockdown time has taught us the value of family togetherness which is a unique blessing. Together we can and together we will conquer this corona menace. We are slowly understanding the priority of unembellished things in life. The painting depicts activities like yoga &exercise, dance & music, reading, painting, online work & study, household chores, sharing (watching TV, eating together), gardening etc can be accomplished at home with family members. In the centre are the corona warriors who are playing a vital role in lockdown time. Hope this too shall pass with sweet memories.

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Dr Garima Jain is a doctor by profession, and with her talented hobby of painting, she keeps sharing social messages. This painting made in Worli style is dedicated on the occasion of International Family Day.
If you want to buy the artwork of art made by Dr Garima Jain, then you can go to Fotocons. Dr Garima Jain makes art prints of her original paintings available to art lovers and donates all the amounts received from this sale for a special social cause. You can also buy art prints of his attractive paintings and become a part of his social mission.

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  2. Dr Monika Dubey

    The Worli artwork by Dr Garima beautifully emphasizes the importance of family in utilising the pause in our lives created by the corona pandemic.The enforced lockdown has given us a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones,offer moral support to each other and pursue various hobbies.

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