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Handicrafts in India-Pride of the nation

Handicrafts In India

Handicrafts are terms used for all handmade craft works that are created with hand skills. Skilled people make various goods with mostly using hands and some simple tools Products ranges from consumer goods, utility to decorative
items like paper, wood, clay, shells, rock, stone, metal etc.
These items are called handicrafts, as they are made entirely by hand and with the little help of a machine.Handicrafts in India is popular worldwide for its’ uniqueness .

Indian Handicrafts-Popular worldwide
Indian Handicrafts-Popular worldwide (source image-Pexels)

Why Indian handicrafts is so popular worldwide.?
India is known for its ethnicity. As far as arts and culture are concerned, India is among the culturally rich countries of the world. It has been a privilege of the country to have many skilled artisans who create wonder. They have made Indian handicrafts famous all over the world.
Many villagers still earn their livelihood by making creative objects of art, handicrafts in India
Different types of handicrafts in India?
India is a manufacturing hub for making a variety of handicrafts which is also famous in the international market. The most famous forms of handicrafts in India are as follows:
Bamboo Handicrafts: Bamboo handicrafts are the most eco-friendly craft in India,
being a manufacturer of bamboo. Many types of items are made from bamboo,
such as baskets, toys, toys, sieves, mats, wall hangings, umbrella handles, crossbows, khorahi, kula, dukula, saddlery, jewelry boxes etc. Most bamboo handicrafts are made in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura.

Clay pottery
Clay pottery craft-Indian Artisans excellency in this skill (source image-Pexels)

Cane Handicrafts: Cane goods are a famous form of handicrafts in India which includes useful items such as trays, baskets, stylish furniture etc.

Bell Metal Handicrafts: The hard form of brass which is used to make bells is called bell metal. This hard alloy is used in making vermilion boxes, bowls, candle stands, pendants and many crafts. Bell metal handicrafts are mostly practised in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Manipur.In Madhya Pradesh, this form of handicraft is known as tribal craft.
Bone and horn handicrafts: Born in the state of Odisha, bone and horn handicrafts are famous for making forms of birds and animals that look very real and lively. Apart from this, pan stands, jewellery, cigarette cans, table lamps, chilli and salt sets, chess sets, napkin rings, laughing Buddha etc. are made in Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.
Brass Handicrafts: Brass utensils are famous due to the durability of brass items.
Brass items such as statues of creeping Krishna or various postures of Lord Ganesha, vases, table taps, hole lamps, jewellery boxes, hookahs, toys, wine glasses, plates, vases and many more are used in Indian homes. These artisans are known as Kansari. Brass utensils are mostly made in Rajasthan.

Handcrafted Face Pot
Clay Handicrafts-Face Pot

Clay Handicrafts:
Pottery is the oldest form of handicrafts in India since its origin in the Indus Valley Civilization. Those involved in this work are called potters. Besides its world-famous terracotta form, the clay handicrafts have redware, grey pot and black pot. Uttar Pradesh is known for its black paint pots. Blue pottery a speciality of Aamer Jaipur is world known. In addition to Krishnanagar in West Bengal, pottery is made in Bikaner, Lucknow, Pune and Himachal Pradesh. Pottery, decorative items, jewellery, etc. are used all over the country.
Dhokra Handicrafts: Dhokra is the oldest form of handicrafts and is known for its traditional simplicity. This tribal handicraft originated in Madhya Pradesh. States like West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha are involved in making these handicrafts. Dhokra is known for its unique accessories showcasing folk character. Dhokra ornaments, Kendal stands, pen stands, ashtrays and a variety of decorative items are found in all handicraft shops.

Jute Handicrafts: Jute artisans have made their own special place in jute handicrafts all over the world. The wide range of jute crafts includes bags, office stationery, bangles and other jewelry, footwear, wall hanging and many more. West Bengal, Assam and Bihar are the largest jute producers and also lead the jute handicrafts market in India.
Paper Handicrafts: Many crafts like kites, masks, decorative flowers, lampshades, puppets, hand fans etc. are made by mixing bright coloured paper. Kutti,
developed during the Mughal period, is a famous form of paper handicraft in India. This craft industry is mainly located in Delhi, Rajgir, Patna, Gaya, Awadh, Ahmedabad and Allahabad. In addition, paper craftsmen are in almost every city.

Rock Handicrafts: Rock carving is the oldest form of rock art which can be seen in Rajasthan, Jaipur, Odisha and Nagpur. Rajasthan, Jaipur and Madhya Pradesh are famous for marble carvings. The speciality of Madhya Pradesh is the art of green stones, while Pattharkatti is the unique rock craft of Gaya. The ancient temples of Odisha are world-famous examples of rock crafts of India. Many utensils,
decorative items, stone ornaments and sculptures are made from rock.
Shell Handicrafts: There has been a demand for rock handicrafts in India since time immemorial.
Shell handicrafts: are made from three types of rock such as conch shell,
tortoise rock and seashell. Many types of items like bangles, forks, decorative bowls, lockets, spoons, buttons, curtains, chandeliers, mirror frames, table mats etc. are shell handicrafts items. Commonly present places on the seashore such as the Gulf of Mannar, Goa, Odisha etc. are the places of rock handicrafts.
Filigree or Meenakari or Tarakashi: Fine filigree work or Tarakashi is a creative work of handicrafts done with gold or silver wires There are three types of silver fine work, Meenakari, Khulla trap and flowers and leaves.
Its most famous works include pandan, tea tray, trinket box, earrings, necklace, bracelet and other ornaments. Apart from Cuttack in Odisha, Karimnagar in Telangana is also famous for this handicraft.

Weaving or Embroidery Handicrafts: The production of weaving fabrics from two sets of threads weft and weft is called weaving. This traditional form of handicrafts is found especially in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Bandhani, a famous form of weaving, is made in Jamnagar and Rajkot. Bihar and Karnataka are known for their embroidery work.

Wood Handicrafts: Wood handicrafts were prevalent in India long before stone sculptures came into existence. Various pieces were made by skilled artisans by shaping wood pieces. Gujarat, Jammu Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh are known for their unique woodwork.
Axes, toys, utensils, decorative items, ornaments and many decorative household items such as lampshades, candle stands, vermilion boxes, jewellery boxes, bangle holders, etc. are some of the common wooden crafts that are used in almost every Indian household.

Handicrafts In India
Indian handicraft region specific craft skill attract the art and craft lover worldwide (Source image-Pexels)

Other types of handicrafts in India
Apart from the forms of handicrafts mentioned above, the handicrafts practised
in India are:
Enamel handicrafts
Glass Handicrafts
The finest handicrafts
Lock handicrafts
Lace or brocade handicrafts
Leather handicrafts
Marble handicrafts
Metal handicrafts
Stone handicrafts
Tilla Jutij
Government Handicraft Shops
handicrafts can be purchased from state-based government handicraft shops.
However, each state has different handicrafts. Apart from this, many handicraft emporiums can be found in every major city and town. Some famous handicraft shops across India are as follows:
However, you can also purchase from online shop exclusively for handicrafts. There are many handicrafts online e-Commerce site which provide handicrafts of various part of India at one place. Some of these sites names are given below

Itokri,Pratibha art,Rajasthan handicraft,Utthan,Fotocons etc.

Some intro of Fotocons

Fotocons is an emerging marketplace of India providing a platform for selling and buying Indian art and Handicrafts.

India Ki shop-Indian handicrafts and Paintings e-Commerce platform
India Ki shop-Indian handicrafts and Paintings e-Commerce platform


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