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Complete your Look with Handmade Jewellery of Rajasthan

Complete your Look with Handmade Jewellery of Rajasthan

It is a common saying that the glory of a woman is incomplete without sparkling ornaments. No woman on earth can deny their love for it. It adds charisma to their magnificent beauty. It magnifies the persona of a woman, irrespective of age and occupation.   

Whether she is a homemaker or a businesswoman, whether she studies or is the grandmother age, ornaments make everyone eyes twinkle. It is considered the best pick to gift a girl on any occasion.

And when it comes to jewellery hand-made jewellery gets preference by everyone. Since time immemorial, women have adorned themselves with hand-made jewellery, and this trend continues even today.

Hand-made ornaments are a must in women jewellery collections. Its pleasing colours and craftsmanship leave a mark on the hearts of both the wearer and the beholder.

Hand-made Jewellery of Rajasthan – Reflection of Rich Heritage

The majestic glory of Rajasthan is visible in its art and culture. Its glorious historical architecture, festivals, lifestyle, artefacts, and the skills of the artists are a delight for the eyes.

The art of the artisans here is visible everywhere, whether it is architecture or any hand-made item.

Rajasthan is a manufacturer of many types of hand-made jewellery and has got worldwide fame and recognition.

The majesty and richness reflected in the hand-made jewellery here make it number one on the list of those who admire it resplendently.

Types of Hand-Made Jewellery in Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers a wide range and variety of hand-made jewellery. From gold and silver to thread jewellery, everything is easily accessible.

  • Majorly Rajasthan is known for its Kundan and Jadau jewellery. It is quite popular in Rajasthan and presents beauty that is beyond belief.

In this jewellery, Kundan stone is embedded with preciseness and accuracy into the metal surface using the Jadau technique. It is an example of the skilled craftsmanship of Rajasthan.

  • ·         Lac Jewellery is the very commonly used one in Rajasthan. As connected with marriage, Lac jewellery has a special place in religious ceremonies.

Lac jewellery symbolises culture and trend both and is known as ‘Common man’s gold’ in Rajasthan.

  • Tribal Jewellery is heavy jewellery generally made up of silver. It is statement jewellery of the Banjaara tribe of Rajasthan.

It’s heavyweight jewellery, most admired by the tourists due to its distinguished and attractive look.

  • The Thewa Jewellery or Pratapgarh Jewellery is made on the base of the glass with gold and silver. It is another example of the art and craftsmanship of Rajasthan.
  • Colourful Boho Jewellery, not originated in Rajasthan, but the craftsman here offers a wide variety of big, vivid, chunky hand-made jewellery liked by youngsters.

It is made using vibrant threads, colourful fabrics, stones and metallic items. It gels nicely with the Bright colour ensemble.

  • Gem-Stones jewellery of Rajasthan has got fame all over the world. Its precious and semi-precious stones are supplied all over India, turning the gem industry into a big market.
Handmade jwelry-Fotocons Unique collection of all type of handmade jewelry tribal folk stone clay
Handmade jwelry-Fotocons Unique collection of all type of handmade jewelry tribal folk stone clay

Balancing Trend and Tradition

One of the most admired things about Rajasthan Jewellery is that it has always maintained a balance between trend and tradition. Craftsman of Rajasthan offers old conventional design, but never fail to add the sparkle of vogue and style to that. This attribute has kept the hand-made jewellery of Rajasthan at the top-most position.

There is Some-thing for Every-one

Great diversity and comprehensive range have made hand-made jewellery of Rajasthan affordable for everyone. Kundan- Meena to Lac, Boho to Tribal it has something for all. That is why, when it comes to jewellery people prefer Rajasthan over any other place.

Hand-made Jewellery symbolising magnificent beauty and aesthetic richness is a must-have in every women’s collection.

FotoCons offers a splendid collection of hand-made jewellery. From Lac bangles to complete set, from silk thread to mirror work, hand-painted to hand-crafted, fabric jewellery to auspicious Durgamaa jewellery, everything is available in one place and at an affordable price. Login to Fotocons and grab your favourite hand-made beauty.

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