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Buddha – The Enlightened One

Serenity - oil on canvas (12 " * 24 ")

Home is not just an enclosure to dwell in, but a place to relish and savour life, a place where we live the life we yearned. Home gives us warmth and a sense of accomplishment. Every single object narrates the story of the evolvement of our life.

In the hustle-bustle and stressful lives, we look for peace, harmony and serenity in the home. However, after spending a zillion of money and putting in oodles of efforts, do we experience that serenity? Maybe the answer is no.

Nowadays, dozens of options are available to make our territory aesthetically appealing. The market is full of antiques, artefacts, souvenirs, paintings etc. Their beauty is sufficient to dazzle anyone.

And when it comes to home decoration, we aspire to give it an amazing, mesmerising look. To achieve that exceptional look, we opt for a theme sometimes. That could be an old classic, religious, traditional art, bohemian, retro fun, contemporary or any other.

We make all possible attempts to spruce up our place that caters for splendour and luxury. But a vital element we often skip to plan for is tranquillity.

According to Vastu and Fengshui, we can readily welcome positive energies and peaceful vibrations to our place. But the question arises – How?

Lord Buddha – One feels at peace upon hearing the name and a picture seals the mind – a picture portraying serenity and thoughtfulness together. Placing Lord Buddha’s idol or painting is one of the best ways to captivate positivity and prosperity in the home.

Significance of Lord Buddha’s Painting

Buddha Paintings are the ideal choice for both i.e. to provide an Indian traditional look and also to give a Divine Religious touch to your place. It’s a perfect alternative for those who want to adorn their place in a traditional, religious way. It’s a perfect resort for those who want a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the home. It is equally beneficial for home, offices and other institutions. Let’s check the significance of placing Lord Buddha’s Painting. 

  • It brings peace and harmony to the house.
  • It safeguards the house from agony and negativity.
  • It is a symbol of serenity and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Buddha’s paintings reduce stress and uneasiness.
  • It helps to fight sorrows and obstacles.
  • It bestows a euphoric experience.
  • It makes us feel blissed out and rejuvenated.
  • It brings good luck and fortune.
Lord Buddha artwork digital prints for sale
Lord Buddha-artwork by Dr. Garima Jain

Place it Right to Claim the Tranquil

It is essential to show respect and to provide the right place to experience the warmth and serenity of Buddha’s paintings.

1. Buddha’s paintings should always be kept at a high level for positivity and growth in home and office. This brings happiness and prosperity.

2. They can be installed in the living room at home and on any wall in the office.

3. With the face of the painting facing the oncoming people, it controls the negative energies.

4. We can also put it in the place of study, to be more attentive and for enhancing concentration.

5. We can also create a Zen area by placing it in our yoga/meditation place, for more awareness, infinite peace and spiritual enlightenment.

So what are you waiting for? Order a wonderful Buddha painting today and start the journey of mindfulness and spiritual awakening and invite good luck and blessings to your home.

Buddha Original artwork for sale
Buddha Original Artwork for sale

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