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Brahminy kite-Bird Photography

Brahmini Kite-Bird Photography

A medium-sized raptor with a rounded tail, unlike other kites. Adults are unmistakable with a white head and breast contrasting with otherwise brick brown plumage. 20Juveniles are a darker brownish-black with a paler head and prominent white patches under the wings. Usually associated with both inland and coastal wetlands in tropical Asia, but it is largely restricted to coastal wetlands in Australia where it is alternately known as “Red-backed Sea Eagle.” The call is a distinctive nasal, drawn-out, “Kyeeerrh.
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Zoo photography is very controversial. Many wildlife photographers do not consider this to be good, they believe that taking a picture of a captive bird is a kind of cheating. As far as my personal interest,I have been doing it from the very first day I pick up my ens. Only in zoo photograph, you can get close to the bird and can have some control over the subject.

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