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Bird Photography-Second Inning

Plain Priia Bird Image Canon Photograhy

Friends I have taken the camera again after a long gap, it is not difficult to say that hobby which is once settled in the heart is difficult to throw it out of life, then as an honour to the destiny’s hand, I am trying to revive my old hobby. Hope you like it Write subscribe and share art and craft. Not only me here, but many artist photographers from home and abroad also share their artwork and photography

Indian Silver bill
Indian Silver bill Bird in action

Yes, after a gap of one year, took the camera again. As you all know this year the Corona tragedy messed up life. Due to the closure of all the hot spots, such as the zoos of Bird, National park etc., the camera was almost left out. Just a little bit of family photography in family Functions was all where these cameras were taken care of. But it is said that once a hobby makes a place in the heart, it does not go. On the occasion of Diwali, a bit relief of two days from the hustle-bustle of daily routine put the camera back in hand. Cleaned the dusty soil covered. Checked gear. Some gear I kept in Jaipur one of my friend’s residence. And went out to my favourite bird photography spot near my city. It is a pond that is built in a religious place. Mostly migratory and local resident water birds are found in this Pod. Apart from this, there is Wetland nearby where Pessarine birds are also available.

Here are some photographs I want to share

All photographs were taken with Canon Gear

Techiniq I useis back button fdocussing

Few Bird hotography Images shot taken with Canon Gear

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