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A True Love Story portrait – Radha Krishna

A True Love Story portrait – Radha Krishna


The name Radha Krishan is a name that is always pronounced together. We cannot say only Radha or only Krishana. It feels so incomplete if we take these names separately. This name itself reminds all of us about a great love story in the past which is really unforgettable. It is always said that real love or true love just started after this mesmerizing, divine love story. For everyone who believes in love, they are their strength and happiness. Seeking any Radha Krishna drawing makes them feel so loved and happy and motivates them to go forward with their loved ones and start a new life. For many, they are the inspiration for other love lives. Love story or true love just does not justify this name Radha Krishna they are more than that. They are the one who teaches us so many lessons in our lives to be followed to make life more beautiful and joyful. They both taught us how to live a truthful, happy, and successful life with our life partners. Each one of us has learned something from this beautiful couple and no one can deny this fact. We all want to have at least one of Radha Krishna paintings just to remember the lessons learned from them.  


radha krishna Acrylic painting on canvas board


If you are a lover or not doesn’t matter but you must have learned something from this most beautiful and lovely couple. Let’s just discuss what they taught us and what we have learned from them:


  1. Sacrifice, Another Name of Love: It’s not easy to be in love with someone. When you love someone you have to change yourself from the inside and give them happiness and love as much as possible. Being in a relationship you have to make some compromise or sacrifice without accepting that others will do the same. You can face many difficulties when you are in love and if you overcome these difficulties by sacrificing something there is no harm, this is what love is.


  1. Supporting Your Partner In All Situations: In Today’s busy lifestyle no one gets enough time to spend with each other and this has become the main reason for separation. Radha Krishan teaches us how to accept our partner in all aspects of our life. Lack of communication can create misunderstandings between you and your partner so you should take care of it. You can keep a Radha Krishan Drawing in your room so that you can get more power and inspiration. 


  1. Making a Strong Bond With Your Partner: When you know all strengths and weaknesses of your partner and still you accept them so now this is your duty to make your bond stronger. If your bond is stronger just like Radha Krishan no one can create a dispute between you and your partner.


  1. Trust in Your Partner: The very main and important thing in a relationship is trust or belief. To be happy in your life you should trust your partner without any doubt. This can only happen if you both have strong communication. Difficulties are part of our life but this doesn’t mean you should not trust your partner. You should trust your partner in each situation.


  1. Patience: Everyone faces problems in life but you should be patient and think with a cool mind for the solution. You should listen first and then you should react and it’s a fact that if you come to any conclusion without exactly knowing the reason you can make some wrong decision. So as we see in all Radha Krishan paintings they keep a smile on their face so you should follow them and always try to be calm in your life


Every story ends up with a conclusion or a moral you just need to understand what is the moral behind that story. Like the Story of Radha Krishna teaches us so many morals, like trusting your partner, how love means sacrifice, accepting your partner no matter what, and also being patient in each and every situation, always be a good listener, first listen to your partner and react. You should never reach any conclusion without knowing the actual matter. It can really hurt your partner. People keep Radha Krishna wall painting just to remember all these lessons taught by them. 


I hope this article helped you to learn more about the greatest love story and what are the other lessons they have taught us. You can buy paintings of your favorite couple at Fotocons.com.


Happy shopping with us. We deliver what you are looking for.  

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